Scott Kane Lectures at DePaul University


Scott Kane, a Cameron & Kane, LLC Member and small business attorney, was recently invited to guest lecture at DePaul University’s Class on Entrepreneurship. The class is taught by Levi Baer, Adjunct Professor and small business owner.

The lecture comprised of three segments.

First, Mr. Kane walked the class through his basic biography. Describing his path from studying Economics and Sociology at the University of Michigan, to working at the non-profit Center for Economic Progress, to studying law at Northwestern University School of Law, to starting Cameron & Kane, LLC after being admitted to practice law.

Second, Mr. Kane gave a brief synopsis of “Startup Basic Legal Concerns.” Within this segment, Mr. Kane addressed some of the common sources of legal liability a small business may face in its operation. Mr. Kane outlined the basics of contract, tort, and statutory liability with common examples provided for each. Attendees were encouraged to consider the nature and extent of their nascent businesses’ potential liability.

Lastly, Mr. Kane answered questions about his experiences as an entrepreneur and small business owner. The students asked him questions ranging from the pragmatic to the professional, to the personal. 

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