A Chicago Real Estate Closing Attorney Can Help Navigate the Complexities of Your Real Estate Closing

A real estate closing represents the final step in a long and often grueling process which can include contentious negotiations, a mountain of paperwork and various types of inspections, deadlines and disclosures, not to mention movement of large sums of money. It may be the most significant investment you’ll ever make. An experienced Chicago real estate closing attorney understands the short-term and long-term consequences of the choices you make and will allow you to close with peace of mind.

How Can A Chicago Real Estate Closing Attorney Help Me?

Buying or selling a home is a complicated, time-consuming process. Although Illinois law does not require a real estate attorney for closings, maybe it should. Real estate attorneys can:

  • Examine the closing documents and help you be sure the deal is fair. Any subsequent negotiations can save you money.
  • Decrease the likelihood of the transaction falling through by monitoring the proper inspections, deadlines, and compliance to ensure that parties are correctly and promptly adhering to all of the complex moving parts.
  • In a related fashion, decrease the likelihood of post-closing litigation by ensuring any post-closing issues cannot be laid at your feet. This is particularly important because litigation can become quite expensive quickly.
  • Save you vast amounts of valuable time, allowing you to carry out your day-to-day responsibilities with a minimum amount of time.
  • Help you make sure the property’s title passes cleanly and smoothly from the seller to the buyer.

We Have the Chicago Real Estate Experience You Need

A Chicago real estate closing attorney at Cameron and Kane LLC can handle much more than just your closing. Even before a purchase and sale contract is signed, we can review and negotiate this agreement simultaneously. We can act as the title agent who examines evidence of title and issues the title policies to the buyer and lender. In addition, we can act as the closing agent who prepares the settlement statement, disburses the funds, and act as the attorney for the seller or buyer.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling all aspects of real estate closings, including:

  • Title Examination. We can examine the title to ensure the property being purchased is free of encumbrances like HOA liens, unpaid tax liens, or any number of restrictions placed on the property at some point along with the chain title. 
  • Title Insurance. We can coordinate the issuance of title insurance to the buyer and the lender and work to fix any obstacles with the title insurance that may arise.
  • Closing. We can oversee the preparation and delivery of numerous documents to be signed at closing. In addition, we can conduct the closing, explain the loan and closing documents, and collect and distribute all funds.
  • Post Closing. We can timely prepare and audit the loan files for accuracy and distribute mortgage documents.

As a seller’s attorney, we can:

  • Create the first draft of the purchase and sale agreement.
  • Order mortgage payoff statements.
  • Draft the warranty deed and power of attorney.
  • Help with any title clearing efforts.
  • Prepare the trustee’s certificate.

A Chicago Real Estate Closing Attorney at Cameron and Kane LLC Can Help You Through Your Real Estate Transactions 

Real estate closings are complicated, and either party may want to avoid any obligations they can. Cameron and Kane LLC can help oversee your closing, representing either the buyer or seller and help be sure your closing goes smoothly. Contact a Chicago real estate closing attorney at Cameron and Kane LLC today for your free consultation.