A Chicago Automobile Accident Attorney Will Fight For the Damages You Deserve 

The Chicagoland area has its fair share of automobile accidents. Unfortunately, the sheer population and vast network of highways and roads in and throughout the city and suburbs make many automobile accidents inevitable.

Nonetheless, many of these accidents are avoidable. Most accidents are caused by driver negligence, and the negligence results from poor driving habits, intoxication, distraction, or a combination of those factors. Driving while impaired, distracted driving, speeding, and aggressive driving account for many preventable automobile accidents. If you have been injured in an auto accident due to the actions of another driver, you’re likely facing costly medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. Accident victims need a skilled Chicago automobile accident attorney who can aggressively pursue and secure the compensation they deserve.

Truck Accidents in Chicago

Accidents involving large trucks require special consideration due to their size and weight.

Big trucks with their loads can weigh anywhere from 25,000 to 80,000 pounds. The average passenger vehicle, on the other hand, typically weighs around 4,000 pounds.

Large trucks also take longer to stop, have more significant blind spots, and are less maneuverable than smaller vehicles. Accordingly, trucks are less likely than typical cars to avoid accidents. In addition, the cargo that trucks haul can also present additional dangers, as heavy materials can break loose and hazardous materials may be spilled.

Finally, truck accident cases are complex because of the issues involved with identifying the fault of the various involved parties, which may include drivers, trucking companies, insurance companies, and third-party contractors.

Chicago Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle riders are fully aware of the dangers of riding a motorcycle in the Chicago area. Other motorists simply don’t see motorcycles riding near them unless they are particularly aware and careful. Motorcycles present a smaller profile in traffic, which makes them hard to notice. Motorcycles also lack the protective metal sheath that protects drivers in other types of automobiles. Without this protective shield of metal, victims of motorcycle accidents can suffer particularly devastating road rash, broken bones, or even death.

Train Accidents in Chicago

There’s nothing quite like the experience of taking your kid(s) to their first Cubs game, and jumping on the “L” is a big part of that experience. 

The L is just one of six of the nation’s seven biggest railroads that pass through Chicago—a quarter of all rail traffic in the nation. Unfortunately, Chicago-area residents are so used to seeing trains that they can be heedless, even careless when driving near them.

Many train accidents are caused by the train rather than an automobile driver or pedestrian and are preventable. These accidents are caused by defective crossing gates, inattentive conductors and brakemen, or railroad negligence.

If you were in a train accident, the party who caused the crash would be responsible for paying your bills and the damages. The same is true in a train crash, except the responsible party is usually the train company. When a train crash is caused by a train company’s employee’s or agent’s negligence or error, the company owner is responsible for covering your associated medical bills, lost wages, permanent injuries, disability, and pain and suffering.

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