We Can Help With Your Commercial Litigation Matters

Commercial litigation, often also referred to as business litigation, revolves around business disputes, which commonly arise from business relationships and agreements. Business relationships are beneficial for both sides, but when one party feels like another party is not living up to its business responsibilities, disputes arise that sometimes escalate into litigation. 

If you find yourself involved in a business dispute that has already escalated into a seemingly unsolvable situation, let an experienced Chicago commercial litigation attorney at Cameron and Kane LLC help. We have the experience and understanding of the law needed to successfully handle these types of disputes efficiently, through either a favorable settlement or, if settlement becomes unlikely, a civil lawsuit with a favorable verdict. Our attorneys know Cook County Courts inside and out, and are always ready to litigate any business issues that arise.

Common Causes of Commercial and Business Litigation in Chicago

It would be much simpler for everyone if all businesses simply honored their contracts, not just the black and white writing of the contract, but also the spirit of the contract, and acted honestly, fairly, and legally. Not only would this drastically limit business litigation to true and honest misunderstandings, but it would also make the entire business process more predictable, smooth, and efficient. 

Commercial and business litigation often becomes complicated and expensive very quickly. The experienced legal team at Cameron and Kane LLC is thorough, efficient, and recognizes the importance of your bottom line. We can analyze your case and the available evidence very quickly and efficiently and present you with a series of potential options, along with the pros and cons of each option. Some common issues we typically advocate for clients include:

  • Breach Of Contract. If one of the parties to a business contract fails to fulfill their obligations as stated in the contract, the other party can sue for breach of contract. The party who has been wronged may be entitled to monetary damages.
  • Employment Litigation. Disagreements may arise due to an employer’s treatment of their personnel or the workplace environment. Employment-related disputes are frequently complex and costly, and an experienced Chicago business litigation attorney can help.
  • Shareholder Disputes. Internal disputes regarding finances or other issues affecting partners and shareholders will necessitate legal representation. A Chicago commercial litigation attorney can help ensure funds are dispersed property. 
  • Breach Of Fiduciary Duty. When someone has a fiduciary duty to behave in the best interests of another person and fails to do so, it is called a breach of fiduciary duty. This often occurs due to a business betrayal in a fiduciary relationship. A Chicago business litigation attorney can provide representation to help solve disputes.

We can provide the personal and individualized attention to your matter that only small boutique firms can promise, but we’ll also handle your legal claims with the resources and collective experience of the large and often overpriced firms. Just without their prices.

A Chicago Business Litigation Attorney at Cameron and Kane LLC Can Help Issues

Sometimes business disputes cannot be amicably resolved outside of court and demand litigation action. Cameron & Kane, LLC has the experience to ensure your rights are enforced in a court of law. Commercial and business litigation is serious business for large corporations and can be backbreaking for smaller companies. Nonetheless, a Chicago commercial litigation attorney at Cameron and Kane LLC can help. Contact us today for your free consultation.