Cameron & Kane LLC Offering Small Business Coronavirus Loan Application Services


Federal, state, and local governments – including Chicago – have recently announced several loan programs available to small-businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus. These loan programs are specifically intended to help small businesses cover (a) employee payroll; (b) fixed debts; and (c) accounts payable. Further, these loans are notable for their generous interest rates / repayment terms. Some pending legislation even raises the possibility for total forgiveness of loans taken through these programs.

Cameron & Kane LLC’s attorneys have been trained on how to apply for these loan programs and is ready to help your small business apply. Competition for these loans will undoubtedly be high, so contact us today to help maximize your business’ chances to receive this vital assistance. 872-588-0727 /

PLEASE NOTE, while we are able and willing to work to accommodate our clients’ financial situation, this service is NOT free and will require at least partial payment of fees in advance.